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Eel River Estuary

Welcome to the Gray Lab in the Department of Environmental Sciences!

We are hydrologists interested in how climatic patterns, human activities and natural disturbances interact to influence the expression of watersheds. These expressions are the dominant controls on aquatic environment, the development of fluvial landforms and the accretion of sedimentary structures.

What are the lasting signatures of previous rain storms and floods?  How do wildfires and changes in agriculture influence the amount and character of sediment flowing through rivers?  What are the water quality consequences of shifting our sediment sources from uplands to agricultural fields?  Our research employs field observations, historical research, remote sensing and sedimentological techniques to approach these topics through frameworks founded in forensic analysis.

The Gray Lab is always on the lookout for exceptionally talented, independent, and motivated students with compatible interests. For prospective graduate students, individuals with strong interests in watershed hydrology, geomorphology, and/or water quality are particularly encouraged to get in touch. Prospective students should send an email to Andy Gray ( explaining why they are interested in the lab, along with a resume or CV, and a recent university transcript.




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