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James Guilinger, PhD. Student


I am fascinated by surface processes that act to sculpt upland systems and control sediment cascades from drainage divides all the way down into wide alluvial settings. Currently, I am working on a project analyzing erosional responses in a recently burned catchment in the Box Springs Mountain Reserve using various nested scales of topographic change detection, fallout radionuclide tracers, and hydrologic monitoring techniques. I am collecting these data to inform data-driven hydrologic models and understand sediment connectivity in a disturbed upland setting that could be used to make better predictions about post-wildfire erosional responses. This work is a continuation of my interest in monitoring and understanding sediment transport at various scales of spatiotemporal resolution in my M.S. thesis.  In addition to my current academic pursuits at UCR, I have a B.S. in Geosciences from Boise State University and M.S. in Geology from Idaho State University.

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